Q: What is Egmont Key?
A:  Egmont Key is a barrier island and the head of Tampa Bay that is a State Aquatic preserve and bird sanctuary.   On it there are remnants of an old Spanish American War era military fort known as Fort Dade.   The waters around Egmont Key teem with a n awesome variety of fishes, Dolphins, Manatees and lots of birds.   It is Paradise found.

Q: How many people does your boat carry?
A: 6 passengers may be carried on our vessel.  All persons large or small are considered one person.

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Q: If I get motion sickness shall I be concerned?

A:  For the most part our Gulf waters are calm and enjoyable.  If you have inner ear problems which cause motion sickness be prepared with Dramamine or Bonine.  Talk to you physician.«Back to Top

Q: What about snorkeling gear and places to snorkel?
A: Snorkeling gear is provided on trips.  If you wear glasses or contacts you may want to bring your own mask that has prescription lenses.  All sorts of tropical fish, game fish, sea urchins, and more can be found. Also, Here you can discover starfish, puffer fish, sea slugs, hermit crabs, blue crabs and stone crabs, spider crabs, schooling bait fish, artificial reefs, sting rays and more! Don’t let some of these creatures’ scary names frighten you–snorkeling in our area is very safe!

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Q: Will I see dolphins?

A: Our area is home to the world’s largest population of wild bottle-nosed dolphins. Encountering these beautiful, intelligent creatures is very common in Tampa  Bay, the pass, and the Gulf of Mexico. Although we do not guarantee dolphin sightings (and no one should make this guarantee since the dolphins are wild and free), your chances are very good- around 90% of our customers report seeing dolphins in the bay. Swimming with the dolphins is illegal and we will not allow that.   FEEDING/HARASSING/CHASING THE DOLPHINS IS ILLEGAL and we do not condone this at all. Violating these laws is both a state and federal offense.

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Q: What’s the shelling really like on Passage Key?

A:  Passage Key has been a favorite place to shell especially following large storms. The shells on Passage Key all arrive completely naturally! Sand dollars, moon snails, conch shells, and olive shells are just a few of the shells people find on Shell Island, and there’s no limit to how many you can take for souvenirs. The waves along the seven mile Gulf beach of Shell Island continually uncover and carry in new shells. As the tides rise and then fall, many treasures are left behind just waiting to be discovered!



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Q: What should I bring for a boat charter tour?
A: For boat tours over 2 hours, a small cooler is a must. There is a large one on the boat at all times that is stocked with ice and bottled water.  Remember that there are no concessions on Egmont Key , and the sand, sun and water tend to make everyone extra hungry and thirsty! The usual beach equipment (towels, sunscreen, hats) is a great idea as well.  Just be sure to save room on the boat for the people! We DO NOT recommend bringing video cameras, and you may want to consider purchasing a disposable waterproof camera instead of bringing your nice, expensive one. Finally, you will not need money on Shell Island, so we recommend locking your valuables in your car. Remember, there are no restroom facilities on Egmont Key, so plan accordingly. AS A SAFETY PRECAUTION, WE ASK CUSTOMERS WITH A CELLULAR PHONE TO BRING IT ALONG if they venture out walking on Egmont Key. .

 Q: Do I need a fishing license or gear?
A:  No, this trip provides all gear and licensing.  Captain John is licensed for up to 10 fisherman but only takes 6 on this vessel maximum.