Captain's Corner

The Gulf “outdoor Experience” on Our Charters

Published March 25th, 2021 by John Blenker

Over the past 6 plus years I have had the pleasure of taking area visitors from around the world on many different excursions. I do wildlife and fishing excursions on most of my trips. Every individual taken on my charters surely take a “Favorite Memory” with them. I have many repeat customers. My trips have a common theme, which is the “Outdoor Experience.”

It pleases me to see families experience this “Outdoor Experience” together. Whether it be catching a fish for the first time or the biggest fish in their lifetime it always reverberates back to the outdoor experience. We have had a lot of firsts on my trips. The following are examples: marriage proposal; marriage vow renewals; first shark catch; first Cobia caught; first sighting of a manatee in the wild; first sighting and viewing of wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphins; first time ever fishing trip: seeing an Osprey Feeding on a fish and actually diving in the water to catch it: and the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is there are a lot of things to do in life but as the clock keeps ticking to experience the outdoors is an immeasurable positive activity. Although not all trips include the above examples of what occurs on charters the one thing they all do have in common is the “Outdoor Experience.” I strive to and pass on to visitors being a good steward of these gulf waters.

Many thanks to my frequent visitors who come year after year to enjoy the “Outdoor Experience” and in the process “Making Favorite Memories.”

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