Captain's Corner

Tournament Season Begins

Published May 17th, 2022 by Captain John Blenker

May brings the start of fishing tournament season. The Crosswaite tournament was held last weekend at the Bradenton Yacht Club. This tournament is the grandaddy of the local tournaments and I have been involved in this tournament as competitor spectator and guide for disabled veterans. I enjoy this tournament as it reminds me of the memory of my mother who I fished this tournament years ago and the first mother son team. Great memories never forgotten. In family tradition my son Patrick competes in this tournament every year. He normally places between 1 and third place. He has developed quite a love of fishing and the outdoors.

This year I had the opportunity to take out a disabled veteran and an active duty veteran along with this wife. “Project Healing Waters” sponsors this event along with the Bradenton Yacht Club and the Sam Crosswaite tournament. I hope to contribute as a fishing guide in years to come.

Many thanks to all the Veterans out there that served our country and their sacrifice. A shout out to my oldest son Jacob who was injured in combat and ultimately retired from the military disabled. Thanks for all the sacrifice.

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