Captain's Corner

Captain John’s Fish Tacos

Published March 20th, 2021 by John Blenker

Cook the fish the way you like it cooked. If you like it fried, grilled, blackened or baked. Most of the fish we catch on charters are perfect for fish tacos.

You will need:

Cooked Fish, small corn tortillas, Fresh Pico Decallo or salsa, fresh lime or lemons, shredded cheese, fresh Cole slaw or cabbage, black beans or refried beans, Fresh cilantro.

Heat tortilla add oil to make them crunchy if you so desire.

Place tortilla on a plate and start layering the ingredients. Beans, Cole slaw or cabbage, fish, pico sauce, cheese etc. Garnish with cilantro.Squeeze fresh lemon or lime over top. Have tortilla chips on hand to scoop up the ingredients that hall out of this savory culinary delight. If you have any questions about my favorite recipes call or text.  A good bottle of Sonoma County Chardonnay (Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve) or Savignon Blanc will always go well with fish tacos.

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