Captain's Corner

Engel Coolers Product Review

Published April 5th, 2021 by John Blenker

For the past six plus years I have been using Engel coolers to both keep my fish iced and fresh and have a place on my boat for refreshments and food to be stored cool. I have a 64 qt, a 36 qt and a 13 qt bait saver cooler. All of these products have held up over the most extreme conditions. My 36 quart cooler I have had the longest and the I have had to replace the front latches on the cooler and the drain plug. The nice thing is that these items are replaceable. I do not forsee ever having to buy another cooler as long as the parts are readily available.

My latest purchase from Engel was the 13 qt live bait cooler with a bubbler. I have used it once since I got it last week and it kept shrimp lively. I did put pinfish in with the shrimp and they did not survive long. I think due to the small size one bait is all you can place in this cooler. Looking forward to taking this cooler on our next offshore trip.

I am totally satisfied with the three Engel products I own and highly recommend them. The nice thing is how well they keep ice in the hot Florida summer sun. Looking forward to more years of using my Engel products. If you desire a good quality cooler to keep your fish fresh and your drinks cold try and Engel cooler.

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