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Captain's Corner

Florida Fishing Products Fishing Reel Review From a Guides Perspective

Published March 22nd, 2021 by John Blenker

As a fishing guide in South Florida I demand a quality long lasting reel on the rods that I provide to my customers. Over the past 6 almost 7 years of Charter fishing I have went through a lot of fishing reels. Over the past year I have been testing some new reels on my charters and have determined so far that they are the best that I have come across so far. I am not sponsored by this company or any other company either.

These reels are made for “Florida Fishing Products.” They are very durable and seem to hold up under the most extreme conditions.I currently own approximately 10 reels and use them on all charters. I use the heavier ones on personal fishing trips offshore to 45 miles and have landed Blackfin tuna and large red grouper on these reels. I have the Osprey 4000 Salwater Series, the Osprey 4000 Carbon Edition CE and the Osprey Saltwater Series 8000. I truly enjoy using these reels and for they price they are worth every dime. The Carbon Edition Osprey are extremely light and have reeled in some large snook, redfish and sea trout. We have evan caught some nice gag grouper in Tampa Bay on this reel and a Cobia depicted below. We have landed numerous 28″ plus gag grouper in the bay on the 8000 Saltwater series. A 3000 is a more appropriate reel for inshore. I try and keep the same equipment on all rods for practicality so I prefer the 4000.

If you have a question about these reels contact “Florida Fishing Products” at their office in Tampa, Florida. You may find them on the web at Their phone number is 813-443-4045.

I am looking forward to making more “Favorite Memories” with my customers on my “Florida Fishing Product reels”

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