Captain's Corner

Repowering my Boat

Published April 24th, 2021 by John Blenker

Well the hours are getting up there on my faithful Yamaha 200 and I decided to Repower the boat sooner than later. Some of you know my son Patrick who first mates on my boat often. He has been rebuilding a 21′ Carolina Skiff for commercial fishing and running around in our back yard. He failed to budget for a motor so I being the good dad am giving him my old 200 HP Yamaha with 2500 hours on it. She still runs really good. I am repowering with a 225 Tohatsu which is a Honda motor. Many guides are starting to run these motors and have extremely good luck with them. The Coast Guard have been using Honda engines for years. Tune in for future reviews on the latest version of the 225 D model of the Tohatsu motor. Looking forward to getting the boat back and letting those horses run.

One of the main reasons for switching was the fact that Yamaha engines are hard to come by. I have not been able to get a definitive answer as to when I would be able to get one.

Let You Know on Future Blogs What I Think About the Big New Tohatsu.

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