Captain's Corner

Captain's Corner

Toad Fish Rod Review

Published March 23rd, 2021 by John Blenker

I stumbled across these rods by watching another Captain using them which made me want to try them. I bought a couple and now I have ten or more. I use them on fishing charters. My favorite rod is the 7’6″ inshore medium heavy. These rods are not only good looking but they can handle decent sized fish. Last year we landed a Cobia on one on a charter as seen above. It wasn’t a keeper size but definitely a bucket list fish for my client. We have caught some pretty decent sized grouper and snook all were caught and released. I am an advocate of catching and releasing fish so that they me be caught another day. There is a lot of pressure being placed on our local fishery and I like to see fish released unharmed. If my clients want to keep fish we target fish that are plentiful and healthy to eat.

Toadfish rods are truly impressive and hold up well under the pressures of multiple users of the equipment. I have only had one tip break as a result of a client hooking the anchor line believing he had hooked a huge fish he set the hook and broke the tip. It was an easy repair.

Permit have been an extremely fun fish to catch on this rod. We have landed over 50 on charters in the past several months. What an experience fighting these fish on a Toadfish inshore rod. Definitely a “Bucket List” fish for most anglers. A big shout out to “Toadfish” and the quality rods that they are producing for anglers. Keep up the great workmanship on these rods.

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